The extraordinary aspect of Fusion is to include a fabric within a rigid surface.
The first of its kind, it’s the result of a research path, both technological and aesthetic, which led to the creation of a European patent that defines the production method (EP 2 189 298 B1).
The tactile aspect expresses all the power of the fabric, the perfect adherence to the surface guarantees vertical applications for furniture and walls.
20 products, 10 fabrics, 2 color intensities.
A classic colour range – from grey to bluette, from beige to brown – that enhances Fusion’s natural beauty.

  • FUSION T058 FA46
  • FUSION T058 FA44
  • FUSION T057 FA44
  • FUSION T057 FA46
  • FUSION T056 FA46
  • FUSION T056 FA44
  • FUSION T051 FA44
  • FUSION T051 FA46
  • FUSION T047 FA46
  • FUSION T047 FA44
  • FUSION T050 FA44
  • FUSION T050 FA46
  • FUSION T232 FA46
  • FUSION T232 FA44
  • FUSION T246 FA44
  • FUSION T246 FA46
  • FUSION T229 FA46
  • FUSION T229 FA44
  • FUSION T236 FA44
  • FUSION T236 FA46