Since 2013 the CCube, the corporate showroom in Lissone, is Cleaf‘s creative heart.
A place devoted to the culture of surfaces: a coordinated system of products to coat furniture and interiors. A growing number of textures and decoratives with multiple tactile and visual effects.

RETAIL SPACES, the 2021 installation designed by Zaven, explores a new way to interpret the Cleaf collection through the analysis of the four themes of the Retail Spaces project.
Four microarchitectures dedicated to Fashion, Food, Furniture and Future welcome the visitor by suggesting possible applications of the surfaces.
On the walls of the four areas into which the showroom is divided, the faced panels create perspective visions as future points of view for the creation of environments and they are surmounted by oversized objects made of laminate that color the spaces.
A path characterized by continuous surprises and accents given by changes in scale and colors.

Ph. Delfino Sisto Legnani and Melania Dalle Grave, DSL Studio