Cleaf and Ernestomeda are two family owned companies, the expression of an entrepreneurial model and a design vision that led the Made in Italy furniture sector to a worldwide success story.
Roberto Caspani and Alberto Scavolini talk about some aspects of the partnership between the two companies.


Ernestomeda was founded in 1996 with a determined and ambitious project: to make beauty accessible, guaranteeing high quality and Made in Italy craftsmanship.
A dream that became achievable thanks to the industrial capacity of a group behind it like Scavolini and to the meeting with the architect Giuseppe Bavuso, the company’s current art director, who brought a turning point in the conception of products.
The partnership with Cleaf began about ten years ago and took a decisive turn in 2019, with the idea of developing solutions together that could make the most of our kitchens.
The research and development teams of the two companies have began to confront each other assiduously.
The decision to work closely was particularly fundamental in addressing the difficulties that emerged with the historical scenario of the last two years” says Alberto Scavolini.

The Scavolini group represents excellence in the Italian kitchen sector.
I observed the birth of Ernestomeda with interest because it immediately proved to be an ideal partner for Cleaf: technological and aesthetic research.
Seeing our Riga and Poro Noce textures applied to the Sign kitchen at Eurocucina gave me great satisfaction, a sign of our work together.
Having partners of this caliber is useful for having a different point of view on our surfaces” says Roberto Caspani.


“The synergy between Cleaf and Ernestomeda has given and gives life to high quality surfaces, able to guarantee a surprising result in terms of aesthetics and materiality.
The latest Cleaf textures, Riga and Poro Noce, which we have introduced in combination with decorative papers developed ad hoc for us, are currently used in the Sign compositions.
The Toucher texture was chosen to make the internal parts of the kitchen” says Alberto Scavolini.

“In recent years the depth of the textures is no longer the main driver of research on surfaces. Obtaining natural tactile sensations has emerged predominantly.
Next April at the Salone del Mobile.Milano we will present new surfaces in this direction” says Roberto Caspani.

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We are proud to announce that JIOMETORI has won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022 in the section Finishes for its concept and design.
Jiometori is a texture with a geometrical composition inspired by Carlo Scarpa’s Brion tomb. Its versatility makes it interesting in combination with decorative papers with a wood essences, for a synchronized result, solid colours that enhances its graphic aspect, but also metallic and stone effects.

Ph. Davide Cerati

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We are thrilled to announce that our Fusion surface as been appointed with the ADI DESIGN INDEX 2022, the selection for the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award in 2024.

The extraordinary aspect of Fusion is to include a fabric within a rigid surface.
The first of its kind, it’s the result of a research path, both technological and aesthetic, which led to the creation of a European patent that defines the production method (EP 2 189 298 B1).
The tactile aspect expresses all the power of the fabric, the perfect adherence to the surface guarantees vertical applications for furniture and walls.
20 products, 10 fabrics, 2 color intensities.
A classic colour range – from grey to bluette, from beige to brown – that enhances Fusion’s natural beauty.

Ph. Beppe Brancato

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Jiometori texture is the protagonist of the Cleaf stand at Architect@Work Milano.

Sinuous shapes and multiple effects following the 2022 fair’s theme – water, air, earth, fire – highlight the adaptability of the geometric composition inspired by the lines of Carlo Scarpa’s Brion tomb.

Jiometori is interesting in combination with decorative papers with wood essences, for a synchronized result, solid colours that enhance its expressive power, but also metallic and stone effects.

Stand design: Bestetti Associati
Photos: Marino Ramazzotti

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At Sicam fair in Pordenone, the trade show for materials and components for furniture manufacturing, Cleaf display Jiometori, the new texture with a geometrical composition inspired by Carlo Scarpa’s Brion tomb.

The stand designed by Bestetti Associati contemplates a dancefloor in the central part to recall the Cleaf Club concept presented during the Milan Design Week.
The elliptical metal displays positioned on the perimeter highlight the products in wood, metal, stone, fabric effects – available as faced panel, laminate, edge – creating a zestful composition.

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On the occasion of the opening of the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show (22-27 September 2022) Cleaf announces that it has obtained the IMO MED certification for the collection of fire resistant laminates for naval use, which takes the commercial name Cleaf Marine Laminate.

An important milestone that responds to the increasing demand for innovative surfaces with a strong aesthetic impact for the furniture and interiors of ships and recreational craft.

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Pictures of environments and suggestions to enhance the tactile and visual effects of the Espresso 2022 collection and highlight some possible applications.
Wood, fabric and leather, metal, stone effects that can be applied both vertically and horizontally.

131 products available in stock – as faced panellaminateedge – that can be purchased in bundles or single item from official distributors.
A collection conceived to meet the technical and availability requirements of public and private projects.

Art Direction: Blackspace
3D Art: Terzo Piano

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Jiometori is a texture with a geometrical composition inspired by Carlo Scarpa’s Brion tomb.
Its versatility makes it interesting in combination with decorative papers with a wood essences, for a synchronized result, solid colours that enhances its graphic aspect, but also metallic and stone effects.
It’s available as faced panellaminate and edge.

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On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, Cleaf presents Cleaf Club, a project developed in collaboration with Campos Costa Arquitetos that aims to emphasize the importance of clubs as the epicenter of experiments in youth and contemporary culture.
The stand-installation at Salone del Mobile.Milano combines both the tactile and visual emotions of the company’s surfaces and the musical ones.
The corporate showroom in Lissone has been transformed into a club: dancefloor, bar, lounge, toilet.
Four environments defined by the use of products in four different material effects: metal, wood, fabric, stone.
A project that will find its full expression on Wednesday, June 8 during the Cleaf Club Night.
Lights and speakers will turn on to feel emotions almost forgotten in the last two years: moving in the dark, interacting with the gaze of strangers, smiling at the toll of a note.

07/12 JUNE 2022
9.30 AM – 6.30 PM

06/10 JUNE 2022
9 AM – 6 PM

08 JUNE 2022
8 PM – 1 AM


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Presented in 2013 the Primofiore texture is one of the Cleaf’s bestseller.
It’s inspired by the weave of leather, combining softness to the touch and elegance to the eye.
It’s available as faced panel, laminate and edge.

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Cleaf and Molteni&C are two family owned companies, the expression of an entrepreneurial model and a design vision that led the Made in Italy furniture sector to a worldwide success story.
Roberto Caspani and Giovanni Molteni talk about some aspects of the long-term partnership between the two companies.

Cleaf was born in 1975, a year marked by the arrival of the first CNC machines on the market.
A watershed moment for the furniture sector: the conception and production of furniture changes radically.
The same year the partnership with Molteni&C begins” declares Roberto Caspani.

“The collaboration focuses on both the product and the set-up.
Some wardrobes and kitchens in our collection include Cleaf surfaces that are developed together and produced exclusively for us.
Strategic places such as the Molteni Museum designed by Ron Gilad, the Compound and other environments designed by Vincent Van Duysen show Cleaf surfaces” declares Giovanni Molteni.

“The dialogue drives us to explore creative paths and to push technology to the limit.
As in Formula One we develop solutions that can be applied to series production.
For us working with Molteni&C is the avant-garde of the development” declares Roberto Caspani.

“It’s a team work that sees the two R&D departments involved in the research for innovation, always keeping in mind three aspects: materiality, quality and uniqueness” declares Giovanni Molteni.

“When we work together with Molteni&C for the contract we receive many inputs, not only for the development of the product but also for the implementation of the service for architects and interior designers” declares Roberto Caspani.

The dialogue gives rise to new ideas.
We are in contact with the most influential and innovative architects and we receive many proposals that sometimes we submit to Cleaf in order to evaluate its  development” declares Giovanni Molteni.

Cleaf surfaces have been selected for the set-up of the HOME 2021 catalog by Molteni&C|Dada, conceived by the creative director Vincent Van Duysen as a tribute to two greater masters of Italian architecture: Ignazio Gardella and Carlo Scarpa.
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The Espresso 2022 collection highlights Cleaf’s innovative aesthetic and tactile research on surfaces, together with its production capacity.
131 products available in stock – as faced panel, laminate, edge – that can be purchased in bundles or single item from the official distributors.
A collection conceived for the most inspiring environments that meets the technical and availability requirements of public and private projects.
The validity of the Espresso 2022 collection has been extended by one year to better support projects that have been delayed due to the pandemic. It will therefore be available until January 31, 2024.

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The 2022 edition of Cleaf calendar is a tribute to nightsclubs, the epicenter of experiments in youth and contemporary culture.
Places where there is no boundary between music, architecture, fashion and design.
12 innovative textures for furniture and interior design inspired by 12 nightclubs.

A project by Cleaf
Curated by Blackspace
Photos by Davide Cerati
Backstage video by Alessandro Petri
Music by Enrico Scanu

Watch the Clubbing calendar backstage video

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