At the Sicam trade fair in Pordenone, Cleaf showcase the new Piombo matt surface with an installation by Bestetti Associati that underline its vertical potential.
Along the stand perimeter, melamine faced panels mounted on wall grids in an arrangement based on the dominant chromatics of the four elements create abstract compositions. Warm colours for fire, neutral for air, cold for water and intense for earth.

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Piombo is the surface for furniture and interior design that joins the Cleaf’s Hyper Materials collection, which is composed of original solutions, a synthesis of technique, materials, style and sustainability.
It shares its chief characteristic with the metal from which it takes its name (symbol Pb, atomic number 82): it is completely matt.
Innovative acrylic resins, applied using Electron Beam Curing, mean that Piombo reflects very little light – hence the opacity – while at the same making it anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and highly resistant to scratches.
Cleaf’s unique experience and production technology have succeeded in transferring these cutting edge properties to faced panel, laminate and edge.
The result is a sophisticated and coordinated surface for furnishings and interiors, either vertical or horizontal.

The Calvi Brambilla studio has created an installation on the CCube corporate showroom to showcase Piombo’s vertical potential.
A series of screens realized with Piombo faced panels – inspired by the formal ideas behind Bruno Munari’s fascinating “Sculture da Viaggio” and the aesthetics of the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida – invites the visitor to explore this innovative product.
The accessories are characterized by an eccentric arrangement of slotting planes, with two or three doors, one side mirrored and decorated with a molecule motif recalling the chemical element which gives the product its name.
The central space of the showroom becomes a stage for flat scene sets that screen off the lateral spaces.

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At the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, Cleaf presents an installation by Calvi Brambilla which highlights some applications of its surfaces for the furniture and interior design industries through four installations that recall the color tones of “The Four Elements”, the 2017 exhibition concept.

Earth is a sculpture of horizontal and vertical levels that reminds Charles and Ray Eames’s “House of Cards” game to simulate the basic surfaces; the star-like structure of Air reveals the coating possibilities of complex surfaces such as interior doors; the sea waves of Water enhance the curved surface coating; the overlapping elements of Fire show the details of the shaker door.

Within Earth installation there are, in absolute preview, the faced panels of Piombo, a surface that joins the Hyper Materials collection, composed of original solutions, a synthesis of technique, materials, style and sustainability.
Piombo, thanks to the use of innovative acrylic resins applied through the Electron Beam Curing process, is an opaque, anti-fingerprint surface, soft to the touch and with a low light reflectivity. Available in nine colors both as a faced panel, edge and as a laminate, it is suitable for vertical and horizontal use.

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LeapHome is born from the experience of LEAPfactory, gained through building in high altitude, in extreme and difficult environments. LeapHome is an unprecedented architectural solution that will revolutionize the construction industry: a house that is entirely realized through an industrial process, that is simple and innovative and adapts to your specific needs and desires, which is rethinking the dwelling paradigms.

An industrial process
Like Meccano blocks, precise and combinable at will: this is the challenge launched by LeapHome. That is, applying industrial production methods to all the elements that compose a house. The various components, like for a car, are assembled on site totally dryly and do not need any further processing or adjustments. LeapHome’s great added value concerns its nature as an integrated product, which goes beyond the traditional distinction between bearing structures, casing, installations, finishes and furniture. Each detail lives in an integrated manner with the totality, to maintain absolute quality and aesthetic consistency. The house is born totally equipped with technological installations, fixed furnishings and accessories, ready to be inhabited and is delivered “turnkey” to the client, with realisation times that are particularly quick, and is surprisingly easy to assemble.

LeapHome and Cleaf
The extensive customisation in the configuration LeapHome’s interiors, which is made possible by an innovative industrial process for the design and manufacture phases, represents the ideal ground for the application of the Cleaf surfaces.
Cleaf has therefore decided to support the LeapHome project, whose design philosophy it fully shares, thus choosing to accommodate the first FRAME house model inside the courtyard of its Lissone headquarters.
Inside FRAME there are four Cleaf products, among which, in absolute preview, Piombo, a surface that joins the collection Hyper Materials, composed of original solutions, a synthesis of technique, materials, style and sustainability.
Piombo, thanks to the use of innovative acrylic resins applied through the Electron Beam Curing process, is an opaque, anti-fingerprint surface, that is soft to the touch and with a low light reflectivity.
Available both as a faced panel and as a laminate, it is suitable for vertical and horizontal use.
Piombo HM01 in the faced panel version is used for furnishings, containers and wings.
Nadir FB14 in the faced panel version is used for the coating of the service nucleus and the kitchen block.
Nadir FA68 in the faced panel version is used for the coating of the walls and ceilings.
Nadir FB45 in the faced panel version is used for the coating of the bathrooms.

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At the Interzum trade fair in Cologne, Cleaf presents its collection of interior design surfaces with an installation by Bestetti Associati, reinterpreting “The Four Elements”, the exhibition concept designed by Studiopepe for CCube, the company’s corporate showroom in Lissone.

The stand architecture, simple and essential, hosts and enhances four installations along its perimeter – Water, Air, Earth and Fire – made using surfaces from the Cleaf collection that recall the works of famous artists.
Earth, firmly rooted to the ground, recalls the structures of Alex Dorici and his work on modular installations; Fire brings to mind the asymmetrical geometric offset of Gerrit Rietveld‘s architecture and furniture. Water and Air are suspended: the first to pay tribute to the lightweight steel sculptures by Fausto Melotti, the second inspired by the series of photos on the relationship between Man and Nature by photographer Luke Kirwan in collaboration with designer Lyndsay Milne McLeod.

In the center of the booth, melamine faced panels mounted on wall grids in an arrangement based on the dominant chromatics of the four elements create abstract compositions. Warm colours for fire, neutral for air, cold for water and intense for earth.

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“The Four Elements” is the new CCube exhibition concept, the Cleaf corporate showroom, designed by Studiopepe.
An immersive pathway that explores the versatility of Cleaf surfaces through the theory of the four elements of Nature: water, air, earth and fire.
A multisensory environment in which the visitor can move freely to discover the multiplicity of finishes and decorative papers which interact with each other through the law of the ‘harmony of the elements’.
CCube’s light and airy rooms occupy 700 sqm of floorspace on four levels to provide: a site specific installation in the central area, a series of abstract compositions on the walls of the four main rooms and four exposition platforms on the two basement floors. The space is completed by a lounge and consulting area in the wings of the entrance and a meeting area on the top floor.

The Four Elements
A project by Studiopepe
Sound design: Painè Cuadrelli
Photos: Valentina Sommariva
Illustration: Alberto Fiocco
Furniture: Cassina – Glas Italia – Knoll – Magis – Riva 1920
CCube – Via Bottego, 15 Lissone

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Two days of “open day” in the heart of Paris dedicated to professionals in the furniture and interior design industry. This is the activity chosen by Hubler, historic French retailer to introduce the Cleaf’s surfaces collection.

The exhibition is composed of islands that highlight the potential of this sort of ‘skin’ for the world of interior design; both for the immediate visual appeal of the hyper-realistic reproduction of materials, and the tactile quality of the three-dimensional textures, such as carved and engraved wood, embossed fabric, or the roughness of metal.

Open Day Hubler – 23/24 March
Espace Leon Voltaire – 68 Rue Leon Frot, Paris
Hours: 12-20
Phone: – www.hubler.fr

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