Traccia texture was the protagonist of the Cleaf stand at Architect@Work Milano.
The positive and negative lines with a constant pitch that identify the texture are emphasized by the composition of five shapes and four colours which recalls the world of ceramic coverings.
Traccia is available as faced panel and laminate and expresses its maximum power in combination with solid colours decorative papers.
In the background, the oak effect of the Quercia texture frames the installation.

Stand design: Bestetti Associati
Foto: Marino Ramazzotti

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On the occasion of Sicam 2023 Cleaf presented its collection of innovative surfaces for furniture and interiors.
The products are divided in four material effectsfabric, metal, stone, wood – and layed out in four cylindrical spaces defined by a metal mesh.
On the back wall there are six volumes created with the new Tolda texture.

Stand design: Bestetti Associati
Photo: Marino Ramazzotti

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The Quercia texture is a contemporary interpretation of the oak essence.
An in-depth research to mantain unchanged some typical aspects of the essence: the deep and dense pore and the brushed appearance on the bottom. Available as faced panel, laminate and edge.

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Inspiring spaces to enhance the tactile and visual effects of the Cleaf surfaces and to suggest possible applications.
Wood, metal, stone, fabric effects to give life to environments for living and working.
From retail to hospitality environments, from work spaces to home interiors.
Different scales and types of interior projects in which architects are called to develop unique experiences, also mixing colours and textures.

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The expressive power of colour enhanced by the combination with material effects, offers endless possibilities for customizing furniture and interiors.
To make the entire Solid Colors collection – made up of 90 decorative papers developed in collaboration with Studio MILO – available to architects and designers, Cleaf has selected 5 textures reducing their minimum order quantity.
The plaster effect of Ares, the uniformity of Fiocco, the wood effect of Millennium, the leather effect of Primofiore and the geometry of Riga can be purchased from 10 pieces – faced panels format 2800×2070 mm, thickness 08 – 18 – 25 mm and the relative edges – in combination with the entire “palette”.
The warm and cold, delicate and intense shades of the Solid Colors collection can therefore be used to emphasize the character of each project.


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The fourth edition of Shaping Surfaces started on June 01.
The competition calls architects and interior designers to submit their interior projects that include Cleaf surfaces.
Every month a jury consisting of professionals from Cleaf will assign the Shaping Surfaces Monthly Award, taking into consideration both the innovation of the interior design and the best use of Cleaf surfaces.
In April 2024, during the Salone del Mobile.Milano, the jury, supported by a group of design enthusiasts, will assign the Shaping Surfaces Annual Award by selecting a project among the monthly winners.
Winners of the first three editions were the Banema Studio Concept Store (Lisbon) by Campos Costa Arquitetos, the XV House (Athens) by AUDO and the Groupotel Gravina (Barcelona) by Inzink Design.
The prize for the firms of the winning projects is a direct assignment for the set-up of the Cleaf corporate showroom in Lissone, which is renewed every year on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile.Milano.
Campos Costa Arquitetos therefore created Cleaf Club in 2022, AUDO Like a bar in 2023, Inzink Design will develop the project in 2024.

Having the opportunity to work together with firms with various design approaches is very interesting. It allows us to find solutions for very different concepts, both in terms of style and function.
(Roberto Caspani)


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At the Interzum fair in Cologne, the biennial appointment dedicated to the subcontracting of the furniture industry, Cleaf presented its collection of innovative surfaces for furniture and interiors through a spectacular installation by Bestetti Associati.

The products were divided into four material effects – fabric, metal, stone, wood – and positioned inside oversized metal displays with an elliptical shape.
The Like a bar hospitality area welcomed customers and architects, offering a memorable hospitality and socialization experience. A recall to the project presented during the Milan Design Week, and ongoing in the company’s corporate showroom in Lissone, which aims to emphasize the power of surfaces in defining furniture and environments without changing their shapes.

For the occasion two new textures were highlighted:

A series of positive and negative lines with a constant pitch identify Traccia texture. The contrast between the microstructure of the raised parts and the smooth surface of the depressions creates different levels of opacity, enhancing its technical aspect.
Traccia expresses its maximum power in combination with solid colours decorative papers. Combined with wood, metal, fabric and stone effects it provides unexpected accents.

Ceppo texture is characterized by a series of vertical stripes that recall the effect of brushing wood on which there are small pores.
The result is a homogeneous and natural pattern that can be combined with decorative papers in wood essences and solid colours.

Photos by Ludolf Dahmen 

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On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023Cleaf presents Like a bar, a project that aims to emphasize the power of surfaces in defining furniture and interiors without changing the shapes.
The theme of the bar was chosen because it is one of the areas where interior designers are called to experiment with innovative forms and materials to create a memorable experience of hospitality and socialization.

The stand-installation at Salone del Mobile.Milano by Bestetti Associati is a ride on a carousel-bar to discover four moments of the day through four material effects: the morning bar with fabric-effect products, the lunch bar with stone effect products, the aperitivo bar with wood-effect products, the disco bar with metal effect products.

In the set-up of the corporate showroom CCube in Lissone by Audo Architects a total white bar welcomes the visitor, like a white palette to be filled with textures and colours. In the four environments of the CCube, four bars with the same layout in four different material effects highlight the unique feature of the surfaces: the personalization.

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On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, Cleaf presents Like a bar, a project that aims to emphasize the power of materials in defining furniture and interiors without changing the shapes.

18/23 APRIL 2023
9.30 AM – 6.30 PM

17/21 APRIL 2023
9 AM – 6 PM

19 APRIL 2023
7 PM – 11 PM
Confirm your presence at likeabaraperitivo@cleaf.it

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Cleaf and Rotpunkt have a design vision and an industrial method that well explain the Italian and German approach to furniture.
Roberto Caspani and Andreas Wagner talk about some aspects of the partnership between the two companies.


” The features that define a Rotpunkt kitchen are sustainability and customization.
Since 2017 our actions are based on the 17 global goals of the UN for sustainable development of the Agenda 2030, the so-called Sustainable Development Goals.
This decision has already brought many good ideas to light – including some technical innovations. For example, we can produce in batch size 1 at the Getmold site and thus significantly reduce the amount of material waste.
All the panels we use, including those from Cleaf, are FSC® certified.
As for customization every year we introduce new surfaces because we trust in the power of materials to give a new look without changing the shape.
Finally, the height of our kitchens is 91 cm and not 80 cm. We see it’s more comfortable to manage the preparation of food” says Andreas Wagner.


“The collaboration was born in 2011 with the idea of giving a new face to our kitchens.
In these twelve years our kitchens have also changed in some technical aspects. And the Cleaf surfaces into our range have significantly increased.
We want to be the first among Made in Germany kitchen producers to launch new suggestions in terms of tactile and visual effects.
For faced panel and laminate I can say that Cleaf expresses an avant-garde level that no one else reaches.
We are happy to be able to meet with their R&D team to select the effects we believe are most interesting for our products” says Andreas Wagner.

Rotpunkt industrial approach and research of innovation were immediately stimulating elements to start collaborating.
In these twelve years we have grown together, step by step, getting to know each other more and more.
I am very happy and proud of the journey we have made together and of the ideas that we have passed on to each other.
Maintaining our Italian identity while meeting the needs of the German market is a very interesting process that we are able to carry forward also thanks to the partnership with Rotpunkt” says Roberto Caspani.


For the German market, September is the most important month.
The exhibition format of the Küchenmeile, the open week of the showrooms of the main German kitchen manufacturers located along the mile east of Hanover, is the most important moment for us to meet customers and to present them the novelties.
Certainly we will include some new Cleaf surfaces” says Andreas Wagner.

“This year the presence of both Salone del Mobile and Interzum gives us the right energy to best launch our latest research on surfaces.
We will introduce two new textures, but I don’t want to reveal anything yet” says Roberto Caspani.

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Yosemite, Cleaf’s first Synchro texture celebrates 10 years with a video that enhances the beauty of the legendary Scots pine.
Light reflections emphasize the depht of its grains.
It’s available as faced panellaminate and edge.
Synchro means when the texture and the decorative are developed on the same design basis to be combined through the use of sophisticated technologies.
In this way, the depressions on the surface correspond to the design of the decorative paper, for a perfect alignment of touch and sight.

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For us Italians, the aperitivo is a social ritual, a special moment of the day, in which you relax by having a drink with friends before dinner.
The 2023 edition of Cleaf calendar pays homage to Milan, the capital of Italian happy hour, the place that gave life to the cocktail that made history: the Negroni Sbagliato, created in 1972 at Bar Basso by a mistake in mixing.
We have chosen twelve iconic places of the Milanese aperitivo, re-interpreted by the illustrator Ray Oranges including Cleaf textures.

A project by Cleaf
Curated by Blackspace
Illustrated by Ray Oranges


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